Same Day Crowns



At Northern Smiles Family Dental, we have invested in some of the most cutting-edge technology that allows us to reduce the amount of time that you need to spend in the dental chair. There is no need for those messy, gooey dental impressions or even the temporary crown. With the use of the Cerec Omnicam, we are able to scan your tooth digitally and fabricate your individualized crown while you are in the chair allowing you to leave with a beautiful all porcelain crown permanently cemented.

Onlay (Porcelain Filling)

There are occasions where only part of your tooth may be broken or worn down. In this instance, Dr. Nielson may recommend repairing your tooth with a porcelain filling, known as an onlay. This allows Dr. Nielson to preserve more of your natural tooth structure and replace only are that are broken. The benefit for you as the patient is that less of your natural tooth structure is taken away, compared to a crown, and you receive the same technology that is used in our same day crown machine (Cerec Omnicam) allowing you to leave with the final restoration permanently bonded in place.

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